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User roles across multiple sites

  • Hi all, I have an instance of BP running on WP 3.0 with the BP install using the secondary blog as the root blog. On this blog, I’d like to have new users set up as contributors, and once some are approved, change them to authors so they can publish without approval. My issue comes with these users, both the contributors and authors having those same roles on the main blog. Do I need to use a role management plugin and create site specific roles in order to get around this. seems to have this setup, so I’m wondering if anyone knows how to do it.

    On a similar note, I’m not happy with the situation that I have to have registration enabled on my top-level site in order for new users to be able to register on the BP site. Maybe I’m missing something here, and if anyone has a solution, I’d appreciate hearing about it. I’ve been thinking that using the AskApache Password Protect plugin could solve this, blocking all access to /wp-admin and /wp-login, but not sure if this will have unintended consequences. Thoughts? Thanks all!

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