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User Roles on Activation

  • allanvisitacion


    Hi there,

    My site requires 2 user roles – ‘Female Subscriber’ and ‘Male Subscriber’. There are specific content restricted only to each role. On my BP registration, it allows them to choose gender as either Male or Female.

    Is it possible for me to:

    1. Modify the Activation Link to set the user as ‘Female Subscriber’ or ‘Male Subscriber’ based on their gender selection on the registration page?

    2. If not, can I allow them to select the role (‘Female Subscriber’ or ‘Male Subscriber’) in the registration page and disable email activation altogether so that they are automatically logged on. Because the activation link in the email sets the role back to the WordPress default which is ‘Subscriber’

    Thanks for your help!
    WP Version 4.7.5. BuddyPress Version: Came with SocialChef Theme

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