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User Tag in Profile

  • kevins1553


    Is there a plugin that allows the user to be able to tag other users in the extended profile field? I have set up BP Member Types and have 3 different I want to be able to have someone set up their profile and be able to tag other members in the settings of their profile.

    In the example below, Company 1 is setting up their profile and they have two employees and one vendor, they want to tag them in the profile page. It would be similar to using the @ symbol in a post except I then want it to show up on Company 1’s profile that they use Vendor 1 and have Employees 1 and 2. This would be similar to how Facebook has their family member list and you can show it on the profile page.

    Company 1
    |-Employee 1
    |-Employee 2
    |-Vendor 1

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  • Maybe you could use friend relationships for this. If the “friend” terminology doesn’t make sense for your use, there is a plugin that creates one-way relationships called “follows”



    Thanks for the reply David. That does make sense, and I have friends and followers set up. I am now looking to extend that capability to show select friends/followers on the users profile page. I want to get one more way that users can find new users and for that I was hoping to have a section in the profile that people could put friends profile links that they choose. Does that sound like something that Buddypress has a plugin for?

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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