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user theme editing

  • arezki


    Hi all: Ive been struggling with this one for a few weeks now and had some very knowledgeable folks to email some ideas, but mostly criptic and mysterious. Question: what file(s) in what directory needs to be tweaked to edit members’ blog page? In this page of a member ( – the blogger currently goes there and sees “Please log in and add widgets to this column. Add Widgets”

    etc…. where is this page/CSS/PHP or whatever format, its name and directory location so rather than have these “Add Widgets”, I’d like to have simple words like “write your story here”, email your friends there, etc…

    Also: is it simple to force widgets like “Site Wide Posts” in ALL blogs in the site without giving the blogers the option to remove them, sort of lock them.

    I checked a bunch of WPMU forums, and not so clear either so I am hopping wordpress gurus could provide simple directions….

    Thanks a mil.

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