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Users can not activate their accounts, they don’t receive the email confirmation

  • Using the last versiĆ³n of buddypress, when a user try to sign up to my site , the registration is successful and the user receive the message: check your email to activate the account. The user is created in the database but they don’t receive the comfirmation email and obviously they can not activate the account.

    I tried registering many users with different emails, but the same problem.

    I have a subdomain for testing purposes in the same hosting with the same configuration ( theme, plugins ) and there is NO problem. The users receive the confirmation email. That’s why I think that is not a hosting problem neither the other side block the emails.

    I desactivated all the plugins and the problem is the same.

    A user told me that he solved the problem reinstalling a fresh buddypress copy. But what happen if the problem arise again. We can not reinstalling buddypress again and again.

    Please, any idea ?.

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  • It could be that the emails are being marked as spam, or are being throttled by your server when you try to email them.

    Yes, it’s true. I found that whit my test site ( ) , there is no problem and the users receive the emails without problem.

    When I installed buddypress in , the users don’t receive the emails.

    I installed the plugin (mail me) and the problem was solved, but I don’t know what was the problem inside buddypress.

    What is the difference with using the domain test.webtralia.coom and the domain wikienlaces ?.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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