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Users cannot login to their blogs

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    Buddypress from SimpleScripts, WordPress MU 2.9.2

    Users cannot login to their blogs.

    I think the problem is with www in the URL that is missing in the blogs that are created. The main site has www but their blogs don’t have. How do we change its behavior of creating blogs with no www? I think it will solve the problem. I just do not know how to do it.

    I really think this is the conflict. Please help!

    Example of how the URL looks:

    Main site:

    User Blogs: (with no www)

    I could not find any similar post but I just found one in WordPress Mu that seems to be the same problem and it is not resolved:

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    Are you able to create new blogs in bluehosting, buddypress installs? i Am also having a similar problem, i am able to create the blogs from admin panel, but when i view the blog, it shows “page does not exist error”, also when i log in into the newly created blog, it shows me all the post from my main blog..!!, there is no new admin for my new blog?

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