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Users can’t activate account as “email preview” feature is activating account

  • MrShawnTierney


    I’m increasingly getting emails from potential customers saying they can’t activate their accounts.

    But when I look up my user list I find they are already activated.

    When I ask the customer what email client they are using, I find that 99% of the time they are using an email client that, by default, automatically previews the activation email link which happens to also activate their account before they click on the activation link.

    Then when the customer does click on the Activation Link they get an error.

    Is there anyway to change the error for the second click on an activation email link to say “Your account has already been activated”?

    Or is there anyway to force Buddypress activation emails to never allow any email client to preview the activation email link?

    Sincere thanks in advance,

    Shawn Tierney

    Wordpress version 4.9.7
    BuddyPress Version 2.9.1

    PS – I posted this earlier in the week but it appears the post has gone missing? Not sure what happened…

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  • Venutius


    That’s not a feature that is supported right now. The issue is that bp does not store the activation code for the user, so it can’t look up the activation code and know it’s the right one but has already been activated for that user. I think you would need to raise a feature request on Trac for that.



    Mind, I’ve just looked on my server and I can see in the signup db that the activation key for the user is held there. So you could overload the activate template page and add a check to see if that key has been used.



    You are using v2.9.1. Your issue is addressed in BuddyPress v3.0.0 as we have stopped activating accounts by direct URL.

    Activation now requires a form submission when you are on the activation page.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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