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Users Group Count Negative Numbers

  • lukgoh


    Hi everyone,

    I have a strange bug that I have not been able to find a solution for, although I see in the forums others have had very similar issues I believe that these have been fixed many years ago.

    The Problem:
    ‘total_group_count’ value is in negative numbers for several users. Some up to -17. Using the “Repair total groups count for each member” tool does not fix these negative numbers.

    I could simply change all these values in the database but I think it will happen again and I would like to understand what might be causing this issue. I have gone through the database for ghost entries relating to groups and I have confirmed that the only entries that exist are for groups found on the website. I have also confirmed this is not theme related.

    The setup:
    BuddyPress Version 6.3.0, network installed on WordPress 5.5.3 multisite. Hosted by WPengine.

    If anyone can point me in any direction it would be really appreciated.

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