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User's not showing in bp_members() loop after manual activation

  • Jay Kanakiya


    Some information :-

    WordPress Version : 3.7
    Buddypress version : 1.8.1 
    Root Directory Install.
    Website :
    Hosting : Shared on
    Everything else is functioning properly.

    The setup is that I am manually adding users and their basic as well as extended information.
    The current problem is that buddypress doesn’t show the member in the bp_members() loop unless the member has logged in once.
    I have tried installing Buddypress pending activation as well as user_approve and have approved the user.
    The wp_users table in phpmyadmin shows the user_status = 0.

    One solution might be (not tested) to use get_users but how do I get other buddypress profile fields from the loop

    Question : How to I disable the logged In once requirement of buddypress ?

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