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Users unable to create blogs

  • anime4unet



    My BuddyPress uses a subdomain. This might well be where the error lies but thought I should ask before giving up all hope. However I can’t see this as a problem since the installation allows it to be installed in a subdomain.

    My users can create a profile/account. That is fine.

    I have made a few accounts to test and all have worked perfectly fine up untill creating a blog. However my main admin account made a blog without any issues.

    I think the error may be that when it creates a blog the address is

    Is anyone able to assist?

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  • Burt Adsit


    Your ‘domain’ is and your blogs will be I’m not a linux or networking guru by any means but I don’t see why that isn’t possible. As long as your DNS records and wpmu reflect that is the ‘domain’ for wpmu. I think I’ve seen someone who visits here have that setup. I don’t remember who it was though. It was just a hmmm that’s interesting kind of passing thought.

    Any linux site admin/networking gurus out there? Perhaps you can explain the details of how you have things setup in DNS, .htaccess and wpmu right now.



    Well, Least you were able to understand my problem. I kinda baffled even myself with that.

    If it helps at all I’m using GoDaddy hosting. they have their own DNS management system.

    How this helps is beyond me. Merely trying to give what information I can that might be of use. I’m a total freshman when it comes to all this. However I’ve always had to try things. it’s how i learn. So please forgive my idiocy if it’s a simple solution staring me in the face.

    Even now when i attempt to make a blog from a new user it simply appears with an error page saying the page does not exist. I thought this could be a permissions error at first but if so how could accounts be made? I don’t know. Hence the cry for help :)

    Trent Adams


    Never actually tried it, but having a wildcard DNS and a wildcard entry in your apache should work with * for both entries.

    A record for DNS would be: *

    Apache httpd.conf vhost entry would be: ServerAlias *


    John James Jacoby


    Yes, this is possible.

    Not sure if GoDaddy will allow multiple sub domains on a shared server however. Not that you said you were on a shared server, but that’s usually a safe assumption.

    Trent, you’re correct as far as I can tell.



    I think we had a similar problem and the solution was to assign Mu/Buddypress to rather than This allows MU to create blogs on the subdomain that is

    This is why your friends subdomain is working for your first blog, but the others are not. Or, that is my best guess.



    Wow! So many replies xD

    I shall contact GoDaddy and see if they’d allow it. i am using a shared server sadly. However my needs are not large so a shared server suits me fine.

    However in the meantime I may be able to skip this all together or future users of multiple sub-domains if there was a way to place the blog at the end?

    for example


    blog address:

    Is this possible? Could this solve the problem? If it works it could even be a tastey feature for future releases :D



    Godaddy is still taking it’s time with a reply.

    Did we come up with any solution as to the blog appearing at the end of the domain?

    “Dear ********,

    Unfortunately you would not be able to set up third level sub-domains, or use wildcard sub-domains with our hosting as you suggest you are attempting. You would not have access to the httpd.conf on our shared hosting servers. We do apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

    Please let us know if we can provide you with further assistance.


    Aidan P.

    Online Support Technician”

    Joy! lol.

    Any ideas?

    John James Jacoby


    Looks like you’re going to need to use sub directories instead of subdomains. Don’t worry, as they work identically, but instead of, you’ll have

    (This is also more of a WordPress MU support question, but because others may benefit from this too, lets discuss…) :)

    Stop me if you’ve heard this, but it should be a semi-easy fix.

    in wp-config.php, change…

    define('VHOST', 'yes');


    define('VHOST', 'no');

    and make sure…

    $base = '/';

    Then, you’ll want to dive into either phpMyAdmin, or each of your blogs admin panels and edit them individually, just making sure that the paths to each of the blogs are correct.



    Has anyone tried installing buddypress and setting up wildcard subdomains using hostgator but having godaddy as the DNS provider?

    How would this be done? Im pretty new at this. Have no idea what apache is :)



    kunal17, did you contact the support of both hostgator and godaddy? If you go to wpmu forum you’ll find detailed answers and information as buddypress is just a plugin running on wpmu.

    Perhaps you need to visit wpmu and read some documents there, to understand more about what wpmu does and buddypress does. That should give you clear definitions and directions when you face troubles in the future.

    John, I appreciate your instructions, but you lose me when you reference PHPmyAdmin. DOs something need to be changed in the database?

    I’m running Debian etch on a campus subdomain: <;. I would like to have blogs on another subdomain — * — but I can’t find where to add the wildcard.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Jeff Sayre


    Kunal17 & Gerald Lucas-

    You will get a quicker response if you create a new thread. This thread was marked resolved more than a month ago. We tend to bypass threads marked resolved and put our efforts into threads that are still not resolved.

    Please see this post:

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