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Using BP for multi-user blogging with privacy settings

  • will3


    Hello. I’m new to BuddyPress and I’m trying to figure out whether this is a suitable platform for what I’m trying to design. All comments and any help is appreciated.

    I’m designing a platform for students to share notes on the books and topics they’ve been doing research on. The basic features I need are at last:
    -Tagged posts (and searching by tags)
    -Picture attachments
    -Privacy settings (mark posts private / public / friends)
    -Feed based on tags / friends

    Now, WordPress blog entries come with tags and multimedia attachment, but they lack privacy settings. On the other hand, there are plugins for improving the Activity entries of BuddyPress including adding media and privacy settings, but it still seems to lack in functionality compared to blog posts.

    Can you give me any pointers on how to proceed or am I trying to use this software for something it’s not intended for and should look for another solution?

    Thank you!

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