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Using BP's Status Updates as a Commenting System

  • ChiefAlchemist


    Hello all –

    I might be over-thinking this so please push back a bit if you feel you must. Not a problem. 🙂

    I know I can add take a WP comment add and create a custom BP activity from that. In terms of BP Activity, that’s great. But now it seems that creates two different engagement streams / silos (i.e., WP Comments and BP Status updates). I’m thinking we want to close that gap. If for no other reason it feel KISS to me.

    Ya with me so far? 🙂

    I’m not asking for the blow by blow How To, just insights (i.e., maybe this is already solved).

    I thinking that on save_post I take the post author / user and create a BP Status update. For example:

    “Mark published: ‘The 50 Shades of BuddyPress’ Click here to read the article.”

    And auto-create a status update for the author in his/her BP Status + Activity stream.

    That Update becomes the first “Comment” on the blog article. Additional Comments off that parent – are also status updates and – are just a Reply, and so one. That doesn’t seem too bad. Ya think?

    If I have a Scooby-doo “rotrow” moment its: How do I tie Post to Status or Status to Post. Am I better off with a post_meta that more of less is “BP status id” and use that to start the Commenting, or is the relationship also the other way? That is, status to blog post?

    I ask because I’m concerned about queries and deep / complex queries that can be resource hog-y. I don’t want that. I mean as long as I know which Status update ID of the author to start with I should – ideally – be able to keep using stock BP from there, with some template mods obviously.

    Don’t type too fast. I’m just coming up on week #4 or #5 with using BuddyPress. Thx.

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  • r-a-y


    This might not answer your question, but try BP’s built-in activity comment / blog comment synchronization feature.

    To try this, login to your WP admin dashboard. Navigate to “Settings > BuddyPress”.

    Click on the “Settings” tab. Check “Allow activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts” and save.

    Now make a blog post and comment from the activity stream or from the blog post. Activity comments and blog comments should now be synched.

    The alternative is this older plugin:

    It used to replace the WP comments section with the BP activity reply system, but it’s been awhile since I’ve tested this one so it might not work any more.

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