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Using custom theme and I can get the registration page up and working, but….

  • Go to and click on “register” on the right sidebar. This is pulling up the correct page, but NOT in the center with the sidebars still intact …. I know this is probably something simple I am overlooking…any ideas?

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  • Burt Adsit


    Howdy. I’ve never modified the default mechanism. No that you’ve brought it up, looks like I will. Ugly. Been awhile since I faked a new user registration. One more thing on the list.

    I took a look at wp-signup.php and it calls the theme’s header and footer and has it’s own internal css. We gotta modify that or go get a plugin. It doesn’t know anything about your theme’s sidebars.

    we definitely need a plugin that does this so upgrades, etc do not affect this. Anyone writing a plugin like this?

    Additionally, I am using the BM CUSTOM LOGIN plugin to customize the look of the login page. I would also like this to appear in the center section, but it opens a complately new page with no theme, like normal.

    A plugin that covered where certain links opened would be a super deal. You could use it very effectively on the “BP Member” theme as well to great effect I believe.

    I have considered just putting the “Log In” info on the main sidebar like it is on , but I am not sure how to do that either.

    I am not a coder by any means. Anyone have time to write something like this?



    @realfam – the log in info on my site – is easy…drop me an e-mail and i can send you the code if you like…use the contact form on the website…

    I sent you an email, thanks !

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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