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Using group invitation without the “Friends” feature

  • Mudito


    Hello, I’m new to Buddypress but everything is looking great so far. I have one suggestion: the ‘friendship connections’ is turned off in my install because everybody in my site is already assumed friends, there is no need for that feature, we want everybody to see everyone’s activity.

    That is just fine but one problem now is that the sending of invitations for groups only works among friends. As it stands right now, is not possible to send invitations for a group in my site. It would be nice to have that even though it can be easily solved by announcing publicly the existence of your group and asking people to join in, but it becomes more difficult when the group is hidden and people cannot request to join and invitations cannot be sent. In that case they need to be added manually through the WordPress panel. So my request is that the invitation feature also work when the ‘friendship’ model is turned off.

    On the same vein: because there is no friendship relationship, when sending a private message, the auto-complete for the name is not working because it also requires the friendship to show. A message can only be sent if you write the exactly correct “username” that nobody really remembers. So that also could be changed for a global search when the friendship module is absent.

    Other than that, everything is fine. Thanks for the great job.

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