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Using registration shortcodes

  • jtmeroiti


    Hi all,

    Apologies for the post. I’m a wordpress/website creation/Buddypress novice and am struggling a bit to get all my plugins to work together. As such this post may not make complete sense as it’coming from a slightly confused place.

    Basically what I’m trying to do is create a person to person marketplace.
    I have a registration form (User Registration plugin) that I like and it also integrates with woocommerce which is a big plus. It also makes a User Registration MyAccount page which I was thinking of using as a profile page (as I can edit this). However, I like the messaging and friend capabilities of buddypress and want to incorporate that if possible (has lead me into some plugin conflicts).

    So I had a few questions:
    1) Could I assign the BP registration page as a page with User Registration shortcode?
    2) Do you need to assign all the BP pages for BP to work?
    3) Could another registration form be used to create a BP profile
    4) Any suggestions as how I could achieve my goals by managing my plugins differently?

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