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Vanilla Forums with Buddypress?

  • HachiHazuki


    As I don’t really like BBPress and I’m only going to wait for BP1.3 for me the only problem is to merge a Forum with Buddypress (Profiles, Activity Stream…)

    I found Vanilla (wich, honestly, at the first moment I didn’t like it either). But with days, I’ve found that it is a very nice forum system.

    So I would want to merge Buddypress with Vanilla forums. There are lots of tutorials of how to do it with WPMU and it’s easy, but what I want is to have same profiles, and activity merged.

    It’s a way? Someone has done it?

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  • HachiHazuki


    I forgot to say: It will be important to make it work with Achievements. @DJPaul

    And maybe also with @ mentions?

    RE: Achievements. If Vanilla forums is not WordPress software — which it isn’t — you’re probably going to need to set up an AJAX request in WordPress so that you can communicate external events into WordPress, which Achievements can then make use of.

    I would also like to see this done, maybe this will help someone?



    That’s not much help. It’s for version 1 of Vanilly. There’s version 2 out already, which ships with built-in seamless wordpress integration. So, getting it to work as a standalone forum should be easy. Integrating stuff like activity entries or group forums will be harder, though.



    I’ve came up with a “solution”

    Vanilla 2 integration with WordPress it’s really easy. And now, they have widgets like “forum activity” and “recent post” widgets. So you can always put the “forum activity” widget in the “activity” of buddypress, it’s easy and can keep the activities look the same but more ordered.

    What I’m trying to do now is to put the user activity in a widget in the buddypress profile

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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