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Video: Encoding and hosting on an external site (CDN)

  • domi81



    i am creating a website, where users have their own profile and are able to upload videos.
    the big problem is, that the videos are really big (100MB / minute). i am awaiting a lot of
    users with a lot of videos. now i need a plugin, which encodes the videos automatically after
    uploading. and it should be hosted somewhere else (i.e. on a CDN).

    i know, there is rtMedia with the “kaltura” addon. but kaltura is really expensive (from $750
    per month). is there any cheaper way of hosting the videos of my users and is compatible
    with buddypress? couldn’t find anything yet…

    if the “audio / video encoding” addon from rtMedia would work properly, i could think
    about letting the videos on my locale server. but i tried with .mp4 and .mov, and the addon
    didn’t encode anything.

    i really hope, you can help me out here.


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  • avadhoot.kulkarni


    Hi Domi,

    rtMedia and its PRO version do come with a lot of functionality built within. I would suggest the following steps to get through:

    1. Try rtMedia basic version and check how many of your problems get solved.
    2. You can try ffmpeg add-on ( which will convert audio/video on your server itself and also you use CDN to server it.
    3. You can get in touch with rtCamp (who have developed and are continuously working on rtMedia, rtMedia PRO and other media add-ons) through the support forum ( for the proper solution 🙂


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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