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Vote here for BP photo (pic, media) solution

  • Famous


    Hello BP community. The reason for this post is to get a very specific reaction. BP needs a photo solution if you really want your communities to grow. And although there are a couple of plugins out there, they really seem to be struggling with open source objectives. And this comes down to whether a community should include interaction as a plugin or in the core.

    Wordpress already has a great photo solution, we just need to integrate the two. We should avoid rebuilding the wheel.

    This is not directed toward core devs (please refrain from this post as we know you’re busy), this is directed toward the users of the product.

    And this is the extent of this topic, whatever the community decides should end this subject.

    Do you believe BP needs a core solution toward pics or do you think it should be up to the user to find a plugin (core VS plugin)?

    A simple answer with a short reason will really help the BP community.

    Thank you.

    My vote is CORE!

    Reason: Its an integral part of communications to have photos. There is no community without expression. Until BP addresses photo expression it’s just a weak source of BBpress.

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  • modemlooper


    I am closing this topic as it will incite a flame war. It has already been a topic of discussion many times and the conclusion is always it should be a plugin.

    There are a few solutions out there that are free. If they do not work as you like, you can fork it and fix the things you dislike or hire to have your own solution built.


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