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Want to create a “wantlist” and “want to sell list”

  • rcotwunite


    Hello all, I’m working on a site cataloging recording artists and their releases. We catalog records, all the way down to the specific version of each release (each version is a post).

    Like A Virgin

    Here’s where I’m at now. Currently I have buttons (they don’t do anything) in each version’s foreach loop that say “WANT” “HAVE” “SELL”.

    Here’s what I want to do in English.

    If user is logged in and presses the WANT button on this_post(), Change this post’s row “want_this_item” to ‘1’ for this_user only.
    if “want_this_item” == 1, change “want_this_item” back to 0.

    I don’t understand the language of what I would need to write out. How do I create the field for “want_this_item”, and then what code do I need to modify it?

    Thanks so much!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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