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Warning: Do Not Download BuddyPress (unless you like headaches)

  • zo1234


    Look, it’s ok for free. But this is the NUMBER 1 social plugin. That should mean something. Obviously it doesn’t to buddy press. They really should make this a private plugin not open source, make it premium, so that the developers actually take it serious.

    Does it get the job done? Sure. Does it do it well? Hardly.

    This plugin has easily become the biggest headache out of any plugin I’ve installed. I’d rec’m Ultimate Member or some other premium UM plugin. Yes, they’re not free, but it’s not worth the headache.

    BuddyPress is basically a car that’s made up of scrap parts. Because of its popularity, there’s a lot of add-ons. But that’s kind’ve the problem, you’re going to need to piece it together from stuff you found at a garage sale, instead of one nice bundle all in one place.

    Next, the support SUCKS. Their forum is dead, or very slow to respond, if ever. You can tell apathy and neglect rules the day there. There is no incentive to help. The moderators there are the typical IT “pros”. Condescending, know it alls, tech speak, and not user friendly. I call these people idiot savants. They are good at math & programming type things, but suck at seeing the bigger picture (marketing, UX, etc). They are like More interested in sounding smart or trying to preach some petty nonsense, than ACTUALLY HELPING their consumers.

    Next, there’s the UI/UX. BuddyPress layout is stuck in 2009. There’s been minimal updates to their UI. If you want to see just how ugly BuddyPress is relatively, just see other plugins like Ultimate Member. Then you’ll realize BP’s UI is far behind.

    Worst of all, YOU CANT DEACTIVATE & DELETE IT WITHOUT HEADACHES!! I am trying to uninstall it right now and it is throwing me the white screen of death. Following the troubleshooting steps did not work. Support is non existent.

    I’ve never seen a more neglected popular (hundreds of thousands of downloads) wordpress plugin, in a multitude of areas (support, UI, code, etc). Do yourself a favor and don’t install, it creates more headaches than solutions, I’ve wasted WAY too much time and lost revenue due to this very un-well thought out plugin.

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  • saleaholic


    I just registered an account to ask for help after installing BP last night. Not for love nor money could I get it to recognize the auto-created pages and add its code to the Registration/Activation/etc membership pages.

    I found open thread after open thread on this exact problem, with the same ineffective “solutions” being offered.

    I don’t know why I was expecting differently if I opened my own thread, but I just can’t afford to spend any money on this site at the moment, it must be a labour of love.

    Ah well. Maybe the BP gods will be kind to me and my issue is some easily solvable, easily overlooked quibble.

    @saleaholic: Make sure that the pages exist, check that they’re selected in the BP Settings pane in wp-admin, and, finally, visit the WP Settings > Permalinks screen to make sure your permalink rules are up-to-date. Permalinks are the problem most of the time.


    Next time try hiring an expert or consult a more experienced developer in private to sort out some issues.

    Without being told the people that started this Buddypress has tried a lot. I don’t think they need this sort of discouragement.

    please nobody should regard this topic.



    I wholly agree with the sentiments of the guy who posted this.

    I think bbPress and BuddyPress are, frankly, appalling offerings to ordinary WordPress users.

    They may well be excellent tools for developers, but they are the most user-unfriendly bits of software I have encountered in WordPress. Indeed, they make me wonder whether WordPress is for users anymore, rather than professional developers.

    It simply should not be this complex, and dismally supported, to have a forum on WordPress.

    I agree wholly with the view that there should be a premium paid-for service with a solution aimed at WordPress users – that is people who create editorial and run a site. Not the professional developers, who can look after themselves.

    It does not surprise me that outfits like Wix are growing given this direction of WordPress. If it is for developers only – who hone their marketable skills doing this stuff – then fine.

    For an ordinary user, who is not totally useless on WordPress, I have found this BBPress / BuddyPress combination utterly toxic and a waste of time.

    Collins Agbonghama


    We’ve used BuddyPress internally at my company and for client’s over the years and it has worked fine.

    If you want a Good UI/UX, get a premium buddypress theme. Check the folk at BuddyBoss.

    P.S Made WordPress Email Opt-in and User Registration & Profile plugins.

    Collins Agbonghama


    We’ve used BuddyPress internally at my company and for client’s over the years and it has worked fine.
    If you want a Good UI/UX, get a premium buddypress theme. Check the folk at BuddyBoss.

    P.S Made WordPress Email Opt-in and User Registration & Profile plugins.



    100% Agree. The only 2 WP plugins (BBforums and BP) that could harness Web2.0 user communities and compete with large social platforms continues to collect dust. I pitch this plugin as a solution for online communities to companies, and 9 our of 10 times I uninstall it the same day regretting I ever brought it up.

    Premium themes like BuddyBoss don’t help, it’s still a patchwork of 3rd party plugins to even get close to a working community forum, yet falls soo short, even coding it out yourself is a nightmare, just like the functionality of this text entry box, always loose ends. This technology could be instrumental in pulling down the large social conglomerates that control the web. Yet Automattic could care less. I feel for the contributors to BP, waste of time for everyone without leadership buy-in.

    Last time I try to install this plugin. Easier to lead users to a Slack Channel. Peace.



    I completely Disagree! BuddyPress has served me well in over 250 projects. I only use 3 plugins on average and never use any pre-made themes. I have developed over 250 perfectly working and extremely customized communities and learning websites as well as intranet sites using BuddyPress and have never had any issues with it. I have never had any issues making it do just exactly what I want to to do “Well, there maybe one or 2 items I would change”.

    Anyways, my point is, if you know how to work with WP’s flavor of messed up PHP, if you know how to use the codex, the extensive list of attributes and hooks, actions and filters that are listed all over the web, BuddyPress is a pretty puppy that can pretty much act, do or become anything you want without all the plugins.

    As far as the help goes around here, Well, yes, It has a lot to be desired. When you post a question, you must realize that not everyone here can help. A lot of the members here are looking for help themselves. The guys who can help are often times bogged down trying to help others and along with having work of their own to complete for their jobs at the same time. So yes, the help here is sparse but no one ever said that this was the help desk or the help line. Its just a forum for people to ask questions and get replies from other members and sometime staff that will help out someone when we can.

    And Finally……
    Wordpress and BuddyPress are basically developers platforms. It just so happens that its simple enough that basically anyone who has a desire to learn or are at least brave enough to look into some files can make changes and even figure out how to make a theme if they want. No one ever said it was easy for everyone which is why a lot of people pay other people to do the work for them. If you fall into this category, please just pay someone to do the work and stop whining about not getting help because you dont know what your doing.

    Varun Dubey


    Agree with @leog371

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