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We really need a required full name?

  • Sgrunt


    I think that the wpmu username should me the bp profile name too. Actually, we have 2 distinct names, and so if an user post in bp, it will show the “full name”, and if the same user post in a wpmu blog, it will show the “username”. In my opinion BP should use the username as main identifier, allowing users to fill an optional full name.

    For example, i’d like to link the blog author name, under each post (talking about the wpmu blogs) to the user profile page but i can’t because the wpmu username and the bp profile name (fullname) can be different. What do you think?

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  • Amen, lets make it happen! I think there is widespread interest in this.

    That would certainly help with the site I’m creating!

    Adam W. Warner


    It would make complete sense from a user and BP Admin perspective, but does it make sense for the code in BP?

    I would love to see this implemented.



    I want it to be required or at the very least allow me to make it required. It looks silly to have only usernames and not full names wherever possible.

    Adam W. Warner


    Is this similar to a standard function of WP? “Display name as…”



    hi Martin. The problem is that the user has got 1 name in wpmu (for example, the author’s name when he posts in a blog), and a different name in Bp. And so, your public reads a post written by “Mart84” and in bp he cannot find him, cause your name is “Martin Smith”. And in this way i think it’s impossible to make links from the author’s name to his profile (it’s not impossibile, but not so easy for a not-programmer like me). However, i think that it’s a bit confusing using different names.



    I agree that the integration should be handled better but I don’t want the full name field to be optional only.



    Yeah, I think in general it would be nice if buddypress played well with the wpmu profile fields, or at least if they could snyc up somehow. I was able to manually run some mysql queries to import all of my old data, but being able to use the same “display name” would be helpful!

    well, if anyone has the skills to do this that would be awesome. I bet if we get a list of interested parties it would be more than 1/2 the BP users.

    Certainly I agree that there needs to be a way to link back to the BP Profile of a user from their blog areas

    Sorry to continue in a seperate post but:

    This could be argued that it is something a blog theme would have to implement. We have to remember that BP is a set of plugins and conceptually we wouldn’t want anything in WPMU to break if BP was removed (or trash left behind). Unless Andy could enlighten us, I’m not sure why BP couldn’t use the user identifer from WPMU. Any extra fields I think should have to be stored in BP tables, as-is atm.

    We should put this suggestion into a trac ticket.



    you need to modify your theme in order to display one name for each user which is the BP full name, here is the function that do the job:




    I’m with DJPaul; I would like to see BP’s proprietary fullname field deprecated and have WP’s native fields be used instead.

    Not only would it allow for more customizability/adaptability of BP themes, plugins, etc but it would also get rid of an extra field that, as far as I can tell anyway, can be handled just as well with WP’s first_name and last_name fields.

    I agree that we should put this suggestion into a trac ticket.

    John James Jacoby


    I think the idea is not to have BuddyPress permanently alter the WordPress related data. Right now, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but past of the design and development process of BuddyPress is that it can be added and removed without any changes done to the WPMU data structure, apart from conveniences like changing a password, etc…

    You can rename the “Full Name” in the BuddyPress to say “Nick Name” or “Display Name” or whatever you’d like, and then code your themes to use that info if you so choose…

    To be honest, from a developers standpoint, I like how it is right now, as it allows me to keep things separate. If you’d like to open up the ability to modify the fullname, then really BuddyPress should be able to modify ALL of the original WordPress user info exactly like the profile admin panel does, with website, info, firstname, lastname, etc…

    I think the idea is not to have BuddyPress permanently alter the WordPress related data.

    I’m new to BP and so I’m not familiar with how all the functions work, but what in the original WP data structure would be altered by deprecating fullname in favor of using the WP fields?

    …then really BuddyPress should be able to modify ALL of the original WordPress user info exactly like the profile admin panel does…

    I would like that, actually. Or at least to have the option to have the profile be able to modify that information.

    I want the original WP functionality that allows a user to choose which fields — username, first name, last name, or nickname — to display for them. I thought that was a great addition to WP and I don’t like that installing BP has effectively cut me and my users off from that choice without some serious code modification on my end.



    I only want real full names in my site. I want to eliminate the anonymous \”username\” as much as possible.

    This excellent plugin makes it possible to login with just email address and password, but you still get that stupid username in activation emails etc. At the moment I\’m struggling to find out how to replace it.

    Just my 2 cents. Please don’t make Buddypress entirely username centric. They’re childish…

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