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Websites Directory – Plugin needed. I can pay for that.

  • Hello. I need a plugin for buddypress that lets the users to submit their website or blog, like a web directory.

    These are the features I need,

    *A page called directory to list all websites and blogs submited.

    *Allow to add tags do the websites

    *websites categories

    *Allow thumbnails (I dont need an option to upload thumbnails ) They will be imported from thumbshot, or other similar website) So, i need just a space where they will be shown.

    * a page where the users can comment and rate the websites/blogs.

    When submitting a website/blog the user needs to have an option to add the feeds url.

    All submited websites/blogs will need to be approved by an administrator.

    An panel that allow users to edit their submited websites/blog, like the group edit panel.

    I’ll pay for that a good money.

    I need a professional to do this work for me.

    Give me your prices.

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  • Bowe


    You should check out bp-links before you decide to hire a developer and ask mrmaz for some custom work to be made to his already awesome plugin. It does almost everything you need!

    As I know, BuddyPress allows to the users create their blog’s when installed with wordpress mu. What I need is what I wrote before. If is there someone interested in this work, tell me.

    Is someone interested in this work ? I’ll pay U$ 500,00 for this.



    I don’t get what you mean? You can let the BP-Links developer adept his plugin to do exactly what you need.. that’s all I’m saying



    Closing this thread because it’s a request for a freelancer. They can contact you by PM and you can negotiate a price.

    Otherwise, until the site is updated, you can post job requests on:

    @sabater_wb – you might want to follow Bowe’s advice and contact MrMaz, the developer of BP-Links, he could probably adapt the plugin to your needs.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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