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weird blog activity on 1.1.1

  • takuya


    Running wpmu 2.8.1a with bp 1.1.1, I’m facing weird behaviors on blog activity.

    I didn’t change any plugin options, nor didn’t even install/upgrade/kill any plugins for the past few days, but most recent two posts (so far, and not sure if this will happen again) by a member ( blog is linked to on blog activity feed.

    I’m using feedwordpress, and there’s another problem that buddypress can’t fetch correct urls which was working on 1.0.3, but this little bug is something new to me (didn’t happen before).

    anybody else running feedwordpress with buddypress? Seen this error before?

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  • Mark


    I believe our issues are different but both may be directly related to conflicts between buddypress and feedwordpress. Buddypress is a sitewide plugin and the buddypress bar loads for every blog page – so every blog error could potentially be related to buddypress. I don’t have my problem when buddypress in deactivated. So my issue (and yours) with feedwordpress may be a buddypress issue rather than a wpmu issue.

    Given your pm reply, I assume you’re not experiencing the same error as I. I have not seen the issue you reported either.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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