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Welcome Pack plugin white screen

  • tracedef


    After upgrading to MU 2.8.1, I was unable to deactivate the welcome pack plugin before upgrading to BP 1.0.3. (got deactivation failed error), so i upgraded anyways without deactivating welcome pack. Now that I’m on mu 2.8.2 and bp 1.0.3, I get a white screen on my site and dashboard (can’t even login) if I upload welcome pack… I can’t even get to plugin dashboard once welcome pack is uploaded via ftp due to white screen… anyone have any similar experiences / feedback? Thanks!

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  • And what is the message in your web server’s error log?



    Hey DJ! I’m not seeing any error log entries… using 1.3, btw….. will try to troubleshoot possible conflicts with other plugins in coming days….supposed to be on vacation right now. :)

    A White screen of doom usually indicates PHP parser error and most web hosts have these errors going to the log file. Another cause is that your PHP is running out of member and needs more. I can’t remember the config variable off the top my head but it has been discussed on these boards several times.

    *memory, not member.



    Running Rockettheme Affinity 1.2 on BP via WP 3.0.1

    Paul, I have a similar issue. A registrant will click on the authentication email message and be taken to a white screen. Nothing happens. My server is running 64 MB of memory. Any words of advice?


    Look in your web server’s error log to find out what the error is.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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