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What about I got 10 million users or more?…

  • rafaeluser_dev


    Hi, Buddypress developers….

    I found out every activity, group activity, etc… of every user is inserted in one single table, that means every mysql request of activity will be on such a table. A table for all activities…. if I got a good server and 10 millions of users in my network…Should I think about doing something to buddypress create a table for each user, for queries to be faster?

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  • marc steam


    is this right that its just one table? how will large sites cope?

    Well enough?

    Improving performance at the very-high (millions of users, groups, activity, and so on) is something we’ll be working on in BP 1.7, but I wouldn’t worry about *if* it can scale up to 10 million users unless you actually have 10 million users on your site right now.

    If you do, great; set up a test installation of BuddyPress, find a way to migrate some of your content in, and see how it goes.

    Mysql handles rows/fields far better than it does tables – a table for each of your 10 million users would, I’d have thought, cause far more issues than 10 million rows in one table think about all those table locks, handles required, I’ve had issues dumping db of a far smaller, but large size due to an unusual amount of custom tables added to a db in the past.



    thanks for the answers…. :)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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