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What are friend connections and how do I build them up?



    This is what I found in the Codex on the subject:
    Friend Connections
    Let your users make connections so they can track the activity of others and focus on the people they care about the most.

    On my Groups when I select Send Invites is says:
    Once you have built up friend connections you will be able to invite others to your group. You can send invites any time in the future by selecting the “Send Invites” option when viewing your new group.

    I guess I just don’t understand what these connections are and how they occur. How do I make a friend connection in BuddyPress so I can then invite people to groups?

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  • Have you got any other users on your install? when there are other users on the site you can navigate to members dir list or their profile and request to become their ‘friend’ they then have the choice of accepting or declining the request, once accepted you can track those users in your profile/account.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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