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What Can Cause A User To Be Marked As A Spammer?

  • rossagrant


    This is a weird one guys.

    I’ve just got back home to see a user on my site left a comment on a blog post. All it said was ‘Congrats Kelly’ as the post related to another member achieveing some success.

    All legit, didn’t contain links and the user has had 6 other comments in the past approved.

    Now I thought it was weird to see this comment in the activity stream but the member not actually appear in the ‘Recently Active members’ widget.

    Clicking on his username , revealed he had been marked as a spammer.

    Now I’m pretty sure this hadn’t happened by an admin mistake as I’ve been out whilst this comment was left so he can’t have been marked as a spammer beforehand could he?

    I was just wondering what would cause this and also how I can check if any other members have been marked as spammers?

    I checked the user in question out in the backend and nothing in the dashboard or his profile mentioned he was marked as a spammer.

    is there a way I can get a list up of all marked spammers or do I need to look in the DB..
    Any help would be fantastic!

    Ross :)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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