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[Resolved] What function loads the Profile Edit page?

  • bcanr2d2


    I am trying to find a function within BuddyPress that will allow me to control if a modal window will come up when the user goes to make an edit on their profile.

    Currently I am using Popup Maker, and have it loading every time a user edits their profile.
    I have it giving different information depending on what stage of their signup/registration process they are up to (using a shortcode).

    What I am trying to achieve is the following.
    1. When a user loads the edit page, a function checks to see what stage their profile is.
    2. a) If anything other than complete, it will display a modal window
    b) If complete, show nothing

    I have been looking at the function hooks on and I am still uncertain of which one is the correct one

    I have found the function to see if it is a profile edit, but not what runs to load the page. What is that process, so I can add this checking function to it?

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  • bcanr2d2


    This one is now resolved – found support from the modal popup I was using, had been attacking this from the wrong perspective!

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