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What Host Do You Use?

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    I been rtying to get this to work on 1and1 hosting for a while now with bad results. I have posted a few times here but it seems people are either unable or unwilling to help at all. So my questions is for everyone and its what host do you use for your BP install? If you got everything working just fine let me know what host and if you found problems with a host please also let me know. Thanks

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  • Wardee


    I have installed BP on two hosts with no problem.

    The first is

    The other one, I’m not sure what it is, as I’m not in charge of that detail.

    I know people that have buddypress running on almost every host. It might be easier to come up with a list that is doesn’t work ;) All kidding aside, I have seen buddypress working fine on Media Temple,, Slicehost, any dedicated server, all VPS servers, etc.


    Vast HTML


    well a list it doesn’t work on would be nice also, plus useful to future people installing B.P

    The real list we would need to create would be the “shared hosts” that BP doesn’t work on. Or the list of “shared hosts” that BP does work on since that is the real issue. There would be few VPS hosting and no dedicated hosting it doesn’t work on.


    I set mine up today on a Media Temple GS. Works great! :)

    I installed in on dreamhost today. No real issues, though it seems slow to respond

    Jeremy Winter


    FusedNetwork, not the cheapest, but the best.

    They set up everything I needed for WordPress MU, on request, very quickly. At the time I didn’t know what I would need to request from them besides setting up the wildcard masks, but luckily, they knew exactly what was needed.

    Highly recommended

    Dreamhost PS – all good.

    Vast HTML


    well 1and1 is deff out, which is sad because ive used them for about 3 years for my 12 other sites and they all work perfect and even like 1and1 myself…well…its not worth me changing host though for BP so i guess its no go for now :(



    bluehost doesn’t work due to the wildcard for domains, I just left them for a dedicated server over at over the weekend they built the server to my spec and are very patient.. early days but highly approachable and nice guys..

    If you’re not comfortable using command line to do EVERYTHING I highly suggest mediaTemple. I’ve done an install for my friend and it works GREAT. An actual human being picks up the phone at all times of the night and they’re really friendly. Plesk is installed. They are a little on the expensive side but for consistency and reliable uptime, nightly backups, 1 click applications, etc, they can’t be beat. Getting shell access with them for some of the more meticulous sides of BuddyPress is recommended.

    I own my own machine, and it works very well for BP (CentOS, latest stable PHP, SQL, etc). I have all the control I need, and its nice that my server is literally down the street from me! I am also my own tech support, which is pretty awesome. ;)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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