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What if I don’t want user blogs?

  • Tina


    I’ve been reading the BP doc and I want to make sure I’m understanding this right…

    It looks like, from what I read on WPMU’s site that WPMU is now integrated into the latest version of WP….which has been ambit confusing to me because most all the instructions I’m reading all over the web for BP assume you’re using WPMU…but anyway…if I’m understanding this properly…while the multi-user blog feature is integrated into the latest version of WP, this feature must be activated manually, right??

    SO…if i don’t actually want my users to have a blog on my site, but instead just all the other social aspects…profiles, friends, private messaging, groups, forums, etc….THEN am I correct that all I need do is NOT do the manual step to activate blogs for my users?

    I guess what I’m wondering is if there will be any problems with BP if I don’t activate those blogs?

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