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What if I'm not running WordPress MU?

  • chengdu-living


    I want to incorporate a forum into my blog ( and since bbPress is out of development, I’d like to use BuddyPress. The problem is that my blog is running on ordinary WordPress, not WordPress MU!

    If I make another installation of WordPress MU will the two be able to integrate? Some help is greatly appreciated, I’m a newbie.

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  • Some pointers (check the other two threads in the forum directory 1st page for more info):

    1) BP supports single WP in the latest trunk – Currently still in development but is due out fairly soon.

    2) BP uses bbpress forums internally. If you don’t require the extra features of BP I’d suggest just using bbpress :)



    Thanks for the info.

    Maybe I should just stick with bbpress.

    An unrelated question: If I want to make my blog and bbpress install look the same, how could I do that? Is there someone I can hire? I don’t know where to find someone who can do that.



    Anyone that can make an ordinairy wordpress template, can make a bbpress template, their theming is almost the same.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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