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What is running with Activation ?

  • Devrim


    When new users sign up, our site makes them wait a loooong time after they click on activation link on registration email (you can try it on This is a bit odd, it looks like ‘activation’ process triggers some hooks that it shouldn’t be triggering( i think). Because I don’t know why otherwise activation should be any different than not-loggedin user in terms of hooks.

    Here is my question, is there a variable, that we can use to detect that user account is being activated and make sure that logged-in user functions from our side are not triggered?

    Or if i’m completely missing the point, if there is something else I should be looking at, please let me know.



    These are the hooks that we are using to trigger our own functions,

    – wp

    – user_register

    – wp_head

    – wp_login

    – profile_update

    – login_head

    – wp_logout

    – init

    – wp_footer

    – bp_header

    And we have various dependencies attached to each.

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  • Windhamdavid


    i’m unaware of a variable as i don’t believe there is a distinction b/t a registered user and an un-activated user in wpmu_create_user() but you might investigate bp-core-activation.php and wp-includes/wpmu-functions.php (ms-fuctions.php for 3.0-alpha for wpmu_create_user() & wpmu_activate_signup() to see if you can hook in there.

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