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What is up with

  • I cannot see posts I’ve created or replied to. When I go to Forums on my profile, it is empty. How am I supposed to interact on here if I can never get back to where I was?

    When I click to view Support topics by Group or My Topics, I get Page Not Found. Is it supposed to be like that?

    What’s the point of having separate Community and Support tabs?

    Is there an option to flag spam on your forum? I especially dislike the spammers that mention my username.

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  • alanchrishughes


    Yeah I noticed that not long ago too.



    There seems to be more cons than pros with BP and I’ve only had installed for a week.

    For some reason I also cannot leave comments and ratings on the Reviews tabs of groups for plugins. There’s no button to enter or send, like the Post Reply button below the comment boxes here.

    Hmm. Still seems to be broke.



    Alls Im saying is I’ve only had one of the last 12 forum topics I started actually answered and that sucks.



    @apeatling this is really bad that buddypress forums doesn’t even work …. its scary i think as it should be working better not worse than our own buddypress sites ….. the forum and profiles on this site are pretty much unusable ..have brought up multiple issues but nobody ever responds ….. just now i tried to go to page 2 of a forum buddypress mobile forum and instead of page 2 of posts i get a totally blank white screen

    On a similar thread I was told that there was some sort of “retrofit” going on and that I should check the buddyPress demo site.
    I checked the buddyPress demo site and there was absolutely no information regarding the buddyPress forum bugs. However, the thread I started got locked so I could not respond.
    Might be worthwhile putting your comments over on the wordpress plugin forum for buddyPress so people know what they’re getting.

    And I’m closing this thread, too. This sort of discussion does not benefit anyone.

    To recap: There are known issues with John Jacoby is working to address them. is never, and has never, been representative of a “demo” of BuddyPress; after all, it’s the project’s main website. is a demo site, however, and is frequently updated to the latest, cutting-edge version of BuddyPress.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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