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What theme would you recommend for a FAQ sub-blog?

  • stripedsquirrel


    I have not come across any useful FAQ plugins, so was thinking in aother direction: with WPMU/BP installed, why not create a dedicated blog for them? Would make it easier to create categories etc.

    Before I start hacking away at The Loop, does anybody know of a theme/home.php that would support the typical lay-out of a FAQ:

    – Show latest post, but only title/question (linking to post which is the answer), in an alphabetically list, preferable per Category?

    Or do you have other advice on how to create a FAQ on a WPMU/Bp site?


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  • Andrea Rennick




    hmmm, just tried to visit the factastic page (I had tried it over a year ago but did not like it much then), but Avast Av won’t let me, as the website serves Trojans and quite agressively at that (6 attempts from some Java trojan!). Not Good.

    The other plugin mentioned (which I also had tried), is not existing anymore (site gives a 500 error).

    That’s why I wa sthinking that a dedicated subblog my do the trick just as fine, just need a nice workable layout :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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