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What to do first when installing bbrpess

  • Create a database on your website. You do not create any tables.

    Download bbPress.

    Open the file bb-config-sample.php

    Complete lines 3,4,5,6 with your information. (If you are unsure about any of these, looking at some of the WordPress installation walkthroughs may be useful).

    Line 11 is your website domain

    Line 12 is the sub-directory – Note the slashes !

    And Line 13 – let’s have a name.

    Save the file as bb-config.php The other information can be altered later.

    Upload the config file you just made to your website.

    In your browser, go to

    You will see a very brief message saying tables have been created.If you do not, your config information is incorrect

    Now Register

    In your browser, go to

    Enter your details, and then wait for your password

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