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What to use when, and HOW?

  • MonMidt


    I’ve got WP 3.6 and have installed;
    BuddyPress 1.8.1
    bbpress 2.4.1
    BP Profile Search 3.5.2
    BP xProfile User Sync 0.3
    Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type

    I’m building a site for registered users and have installed PMPro to administer the memberships. Along the way of creating this site I’ve run across several issues where supportforum-users continue to suggest BuddyPress as solution to these obstacles. I understand that these plugins have great potential for me, but I struggle to understand how to put it to use in the easiest/best way.

    I’ve created my own theme based on _s-theme from ThemeShaper though I’m no programmer, and
    here are my desired functions and issues:

    1. I want users to register and PMPro popup is functioning but leads to WP Register Form and not the form I created in BP. Where do i change this? I’m unable to find a “your-profile” page…

    2. I want registered users to have a static widget in the bottom right corner at all times while logged in. Only a few fields from the register-form is going to appear here, such as avatar, name and city, but this widget is going to have icons/shortcuts to tools or features. Kind of like a personal user-menu. Ex: I’m logged in and want to add something to my list of work-experience. A simple click on the icon in the logged-in-widget will take me there.

    3. I want a gallery-function in the userprofile, so users can upload their artwork, wether it is audio, image or video. What is the best solution to this?

    4. I want users to be able to rate each others work by adding a like button to the gallery-items. And then I’d like the top 10 ratings of users artwork to show on my frontpage in a slide/mediaplayer. Will the Featured Users-plugin solve this?

    5. When clicked upon someones username you will be redirected to this users userprofile-page. How do I do this?

    6. I have 4 different membership-categories. I’ve created a page for each, and now I’d like this page to be a “group-/category homepage”. I tried to install the bbpress forum, but I’m not allowed to choose these pages as forumpage. AND the template for the forumpage is wrong! How do I change this?

    And as if this list was’nt long enough already:
    One of the sites main-features is supposed to be the database. We are going to gather a LOT of information, which I guess will be stored in category-pages.

    7. We need an advanved search-form with radiobuttons/dropdowns for multi-choice. AND we need the userprofile-fields to be linked to this form in order to have the registered users which fit the search appear at the result-listing. Ex: if I choose to search for “actor, male, my-home-town” my registered users who match these criteria will appear.

    I sincerely hope someone find the time to reply and help me out, as I’ve spent weeks banging my head in the wall.
    I must mention that I’m quite new to php, and though I’ve managed it so far, I’d appreciate a “detailed” descripton of ways to solve the issues above.

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  • Please don’t open duplicate threads, you have one running and a response.

    Closing this post.

    N.B The reason for the response you got on your initial posting is that your asking for quite a lot of ‘functionality’ and some moves into developer expertise rather than providing explanations on how to do something, also requesting ‘detailed’ descriptions is a little off on a volunteer help forum, people will help and give advise where they can and to the depth they are able, but be patient s it is the weekend 🙂

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