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What Type of Hosting Would You Recommend for Growing BP Sites?

  • Natalie


    Hey there. I am wondering what kind of host is recommended for an ideally growing/large concurrent user website using BP & bbpress?

    I think the choices are really between Cloud hosting, VPS, or Dedicated Server.

    From what I’ve read about BP, scalability concerns seem to be the most mentioned, which is why Cloud hosting is often recommended.

    Since I’m unfamiliar in server hardware, I asked a few hosting companies and they said that even on a traditional VPS/dedicated server, scaling to a newer server isn’t an issue and only takes few minutes and a reboot (although I am not sure how true this is in practice, and buddypress is a lot more complicated than a standard blog?)

    I do notice that I can find traditional VPS’ and dedicated servers significantly cheaper than cloud hosting for the resources offered.

    With that said, should I specifically be looking for Cloud services over traditional? Or are traditional VPS’ and dedicated servers fine?

    Also, are there specific configurations one should look out for when choosing a server for Buddypress? For e.g. Apache vs Litespeed or 1gbps vs 10gbps port speed seem to be common options.

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