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What will be the permalink for wordpress for SEO?

  • jandajandu


    I just want to ask that if I create a slug for post name, it will be best for SEO or I need some further optimization, I have a website name – Royal Computing Products and it needs to be optimized.

    Please suggest best SEO methods.

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  • grant321


    When you create a new topic, WordPress automatically sets the slug, but it is not recommended to use it like that. The default slug may not be friendly for both search engines and your site visitors.
    Below are some of the tips to create user friendly and SEO friendly permalinks:
    Target your SEO keywords in URL
    Put it simple and descriptive
    Don’t use dates and year in the URL
    Use “-” (dash) between the words in URL instead of “_” (hyphen)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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