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What would I need?

  • valandor


    Hello, I am currently trying to figure out what plugin to use in order to accomplish what I’m looking for.

    I need two membership types, one paid and one free. I know I can do this with the members plugin. The rest of it is where I am kinda stuck on.

    I need to be able to break the paid members down into several different categories and sub-categories. I would need to be able to display the paid members by these categories. So if someone looks under a top level category they would see everyone in that category, and when they look under a sub category they would only see services providers who offer that service.

    I would also need the service provider to be able to choose what services they offer (sub-category) based upon their top category decision. So if they are in Category 1 they would get the options of of 123 while if they are in Category 2 they would get ABC.

    The last thing I know I need is to be able to not allow the service providers to contact the free members unless they have been contacted first. I don’t want someone to join the site and then get a message from some pushy salesman who doesn’t want to take the time to create a basic profile and wait to be contact if someone needs their service.

    So in basic what plugins am I needing for this or am I SOL on any of it with buddypress? Need be I can create my own script to do what I’m needing but I don’t develop inside WordPress so it would be a lot of extra work to do it myself, which is what I’m trying to avoid.

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