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When we can download the Home Theme Mockup?

  • The new theme is wonderful and I don’t have patience to download.

    I want to ask how can edit in Site Admin -> Profiles -> Firs Name and Last name. I want translate this field in my language.

    Thanks !

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  • Right now the basics on the front screen are done and it is live at: http//

    If you get hold of the trunk, it was checked in last night.

    I need to use the __() function on the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields so they can be translated – after which you should be able to translate them the same way you translate WordPress. For now, you can simply edit the names in the database – in the “wp_bp_xprofile_fields” table.

    Thanks! I edit this fields in database.

    I’m impatience for new theme ;)

    Mr. Andy if the new theme will hold up, I want to ask you for code of Members and Groups who is show in first page of because I need only them for the project who I want to start.

    I have and another question (or suggestion). Is there possibility tho show all Members and Groups with 1-2-3… pages.

    Thanks very much and I admire from your job.


    Exuse my bad english

    I’m working on this right now. It’ll arrive as soon as it’s ready and useable. :)

    You can actually use any of the content that you see on the home theme in any WordPress theme. Everything on the home screen is a widget, and you can drop the functionality into any existing widget-enabled theme.

    You will need to add some basic styles to the CSS file, but the IDs and classes are very generic.

    Can you tell me from where I can get this widgets who is in home screen of the Mockup theme?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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