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Where are the emoji’s?

  • ngoegan


    I read that the latest update adds emoji capability, but I don’t see the functionality anywhere on my site. Is it automatic or do I need to activate some setting? How do I add emoji functionality?

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  • Jot


    I think it is enabled by default. Enter this link and simply copy the emoji you like and paste it into your text BP.
    Not whether there will be a better way to do it:




    it’s enabled by default. More about Emoji on WP Codex:

    IMHO, this need also to be reflected in terms of gamification. Because…

    If you never write about humour and funny things, you don’t develop for mobile devices or don’t use a forum or don’t allow comments (or rarely) and not maintain a site for kids, you could probably disable this feature. Search for Disable Emojis on WP plugins repository.

    The dark side of Emoji’s is that it use an external ressource which is(can be) bandwith consumpting. So if you haven’t an absolute necessity for them, prefer the good old built-in WP smiley.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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