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Where are the forums located?

  • nickaster


    So I installed this and now need to know… where the heck is it? Where’s the forum? I don’t see any ability to create a URL for the forum, for example. Do I need to totally re-do my entire site to take advantage of this thing? All I want to do is run a forum.

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  • LPH2005


    Go here:

    Did you set this up?



    Okay thanks…. couple things

    1) I already had bbpress running at mydomain/forum
    2) According to all the installation instructions everything went fine. The Url you suggested 404s on me
    3) mydomain/forum still looks fine
    4) Where do i go to get started in figuring out how to change my templates to get this registration thing to work. Right now, for example, I have Disqus as my blog comments. I suspect this screws thing up?
    5) Is this supposed to just run on top of bbpress? Like, if someone registeres for bbpress are they some how in the buddypress system too?

    Jeff Sayre


    Have you integrated bbPress with WordPress? Or have you just installed WP for the first time? To share logins with WordPress ( BuddyPress does not handle logins. That is WP’s role), bbPress needs to be configured with what is termed deep integration. This is not a simple task.

    Below are some links with more details. Read the first link to decide if you truly need bbPress configured in this way. Perhaps the way BuddyPress uses bbPress (providing group-based forums instead of one, overall site-wide forum) might be acceptable for your site. If so, then you’ll have a much easier time.

    Deep Integration (I have no idea if this information is still accurate for WP 3.0):

    Deep integration of bbPress with WordPress



    Thanks… okay so yeah bbpress has been integrated for a while, except I never really got into using it, so I don’t mind nuking if it I have to to get this started over. So – the short answer that I need is – what’s the best way to get a halfway decent forum up and running on the site with the nifty features that buddypress ads? What are the advantages of buddypress over bbpress? Or is bbpress actually become a part of buddypress which just ads some stuff on top of it?

    bbPress is part of BuddyPress; it provides forums within the Group component. If, per your first post, you just want a forum, I suggest you use SimplePress.

    Also, for future reference, please title your support posts on these forums with something more factual about your problem, and less alarmist. It gives the wrong impression to users passing by about BuddyPress, so I’ve re-titled it.



    okay, I see. So, I have forums then, and they work just fine. But where is the buddypress magic? How does it change bbpress? My understanding is that buddypress will allow for much more interesting interaction between registered users that bbpress can’t do on it’s own. How do I get these features activated and working?

    I can get it running and I wind up with a new toolbar on the top of my screen. Is that the point? Is that what buddypress really is? just a toolbar with some options to send messages to people?

    Boone Gorges


    Depending on whether you’ve turned on the components at Dashboard > BuddyPress > Component Setup, BP provides extended user profiles, an interactive activity stream, private messaging, user-creatable groups (with integrated activity streams, forums, and other functionality available via plugins), blog tracking, friend connections, and member/group directories. The toolbar at the top of the screen is one of the methods built into the UI for accessing these features. If you’re using a BP-compatible theme like the bundled bp-default, then you should also see tabs for Members, Groups, Forums etc near the top of your screen. is one place to see BP being used (for test purposes, obviously, but you can get a sense of the organization).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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