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Where does activity filter get applied

  • catchit


    Hi, I am trying to modify the activity filter for groups, I see that it uses select as input, and I have looked in the multiple template files that group calls to display the activity stream; however, i cannot find anywhere where the activity filter dropdown is actually incorporated into filtering the activity stream. Where is this occuring? because I can’t find the query request (if there is one)

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  • Good question. Selecting an option in the drop-down fires off an ajax query. Look at the section under the “List tabs event delegation” comment in global.js; that calls bp_activity_request() which results in the ‘wp_ajax_activity_widget_filter’ action being called, which regenerates that section of the page.
    If you look in activity/activity-loop.php, look at the call to bp_ajax_querystring() in the bp_has_activities() call; that’s the part that passes the user’s option cookies to the templatetag.

    I hope that’s what you were after!



    Thanks for the prompt reply which tells me exactly what I need to know, unfortunately I have not yet learned javascript and this is an unexpected kink in learning buddypress :(



    @djpaul is there a way to remove all the filters so all activity appears in the same stream like it does here on

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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