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Where does the Profile data go

  • I am writing some php scripts trying to pull data out from BP to be displayed on a different system/site and a flash widget.

    I tried pulling out list of members from BP database but I am not sure where does the Avatar or profile picture go in the database? Can anyone give me some clue on this?

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  • Profile data is stored in the following tables:

    wp_bp_xprofile_groups – The profile groups

    wp_bp_xprofile_fields – The fields, what type they are, the name etc.

    wp_bp_xprofile_data – The data for each user for specific fields

    Avatars are stored in:

    wp_usermeta – with the meta_keys:

    ‘bp_core_avatar_v1’ – the URL to the avatar thumbnail

    ‘bp_core_avatar_v1_path’ – the filesystem path to the thumbnail

    ‘bp_core_avatar_v2’ – same as v1 but the full size image

    ‘bp_core_avatar_v2_path’ – same as v1 but the full size image

    thanks for the info, I will look into it.

    how can I change the default avatar from gravatar to a static picture when users didn’t upload any picture? This is not a store in the database right?

    ok, i realised that I can change the bp_core_get_avatar function in bg-core/bg-core-avatars.php to replace the default avatar for users without profile photo

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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