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Where is ”bp_group_header_meta” from do_action( ’bp_group_header_meta’) actually located?

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    Hi guys,

    Can’t find where the actual code for “bp_group_header_meta” locates.
    It used here: “, but where to find the actual code?

    The original issue is:

    At BP Group page I see a Group Header.
    It contains Group Name, Description, Tags, Share It button; then Group Admin avatars.

    What I want:
    Basically I want to be able to share a Group Forum Topic at Twitter and Facebook.
    I have installed Share It plugin, but it shares the whole Group link or an “activity entry” in Activity stream.
    So I see Share button in Group Header and in each Activity Stream entry.

    Then I thought, what if I try to find the code that button uses and
    what if I insert it into /groups/single/forum/topic.php

    So I opened group-header.php,
    found that “ is responsible for the group header.

    Now I need to understand where that bp_group_header_meta is described, in which file…
    So I could try to use that code in /groups/single/forum/topic.php
    But can’t find where it is…

    Can you pls advice on the above?
    May be there is another way or something which I can use to share forum topics?

    PS: I also have Shareaholic plugin installed (it shares wp blog posts). But again can’t find where to “extract” it from..
    It looks like I need to understand:
    if it’s a plugin (widget), when how is it possible to re-use it at any buddypress page (eg. forum topic)?

    Thanks a lot!

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