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Where is the bbpress forum?

  • imjscn


    When after install BP, in the “Forums Setup” , I clicked and installed new bbpress. But I don’t see anything shows up. Should I install bbpress seperately?

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  • Where are you looking for something? The forums are part of the groups, the option to enable a forum is presented when you create a group, or you can edit a group and enable a forum for it.



    So, do I need to install bbpress? or just click the BP’s forum install without a pre-installed bbpress?

    The BP forums is an embedded bbpress offering, have you tried it to see how it works?



    In BuddyPress, forums reside in groups, so you need to create a group first and enable the discussion forum that way

    If you think of how Facebook structures forums in fan pages, then you’ll have a better understanding of how bbPress works in BP:

    As always, you can test out how this functions on the BP test site:

    If you’re looking simply for a traditional forum script, I would recommend something else altogether as BuddyPress does not offer a global admin interface to manage topics and posts for one thing.

    If you’re interested in a forum component in BuddyPress that has an admin interface and other regular bbPress functionality, Brajesh Singh has created such a plugin (though it is a premium, paid one). I should also say I haven’t tested this plugin myself.



    Got you! — Create a group, then, each group’s activity will be automatically streaming to a place where we can see it as a Forum. I like this.

    But, where to create a group? Sorry, I searched around, just can’t find a button to click and create a group.

    Not sure but no? Groups activity streaming to forum, in what sense? within a group you can add updates or start/reply to forum topics both those should appear in the general activity streams, but perhaps I misunderstood you.

    Create groups should be a clearly visible ‘Button’ when looking at the Groups Directory.



    oh, i see, it’s the group’s topics show up as forum. sorry, I misunderstood the whole thingy.

    But my blog is brand new, I’m the only user. I don’t have a directory, I can’t see the button to create group.

    You have BP activated don’t you? do you not therefore have a series of main links e.g ‘Activity’, ‘Groups’, ‘Forums'(an agregated view of any from topics in the groups)

    Clicking that top level ‘Group’ link should show a list of groups with an option to create more. If not do you have any options disabled in the BP menu links in the dashboard.



    OK. I’ve been struggling with this concept as well… and just wrote a rant (of sorts) here

    I think this question has been fielded enough times that it is indicating a bigger issue. It all makes sense once you figure it out – but should a site need “figuring out”?

    I would be curious to get some other ideas.

    Not sure in the case of this particular thread what the issue is or what needs figuring out, I’m puzzled,creating a new group should be obvious and not something hard to see so wonder if there is another problem. The philosophical quandaries you posed on the other thread are a slightly different matter; tend to agree in part and spend a fair bit of my time staring at installs wondering how they could perhaps work better or not or make more sense for the end user.



    yes I have the links “Activity”, “Profile”, …. “Groups(0)”,
    Under these links, I have links: “My Groups”, “Invites”, with a sort order on the right side.
    under this 2 links, it says “There were no groups found”

    That’s all the links I can click, none of them can start a group.

    Are you sing a theme other than BP-Default? have you definitely got ‘Buddypress -> Componant Setup -> Groups ‘Let users create, join and participate in’ enabled



    In the Components set up, I Enabled everything.
    I am not using BP-Default theme, I guess we found the problem– my theme missed out the 3 links of global ”Activity”, “Group”, “Members” under the main menu.
    Anyway, the whole thing is really confusing. Thanks, hnla! I will go to check the them and come back later.

    As is starting to appear the case a large majority of issues people have are often tracked down to simply using custom themes, it’s a wee bit frustrating.

    There are two paramount troubleshooting actions to follow that establish very quickly where the root cause of issues lies and ought to always be followed first and foremost – and we should have asked the theme question far earlier on which is where we were remiss.

    1/ Disable any custom theme – check if an issue still occurs when running the BP-default theme.

    2/ Disable any plugins other than the absolute bare minimum to run BP to establish whether there are plugin conflicts.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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