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where the hell are the forum management?

  • sacom



    I just installed BuddyPress 1.1.2 and activated the forum component (not having previously installed BBpress), and it says:

    bbPress forum integration in BuddyPress has been set up correctly. If you are having problems you can re-install

    But I cant see anywhere an admin menu in dashboard to manage or create forums, none for change settings… no “Forums” button in the front end like here at…

    Please, can someone light my newbie way? :)

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  • This site works a bit differently.

    Buddypress Forums are created when you create a group. If you have an existing group, go to that group’s admin panel and enable its forum.

    Assuming you are using the default theme or a child theme, you should also have a forum navigation item on the main menu.



    Thanks DJPaul.

    So if I like to have more control over forums, maybe I must install a separate BBPress and then integrate it?, or it makes no difference and BuddyPress forums and BBPress will go separately each on his side?

    Brajesh Singh


    Yes, you are right.

    Buddypress allows you to integrate an standalone bbpress installation.To have full control,Install bbpress separately and Integrate it to buddypress.

    You will have your buddypress groups with forums enabled with bbpress,as well as the standalone bbpress forum accessible.



    Thank you Brajesh for your reply.

    One question more… so If I do that, installing a separate BBPress, the group forums of BuddyPress will be available in my standalone BBPress?

    If I set a forum in a hiddend BuddyPress group it will be hidden in BBPress too?.

    Thanks in advance ;)



    If I set a forum in a hiddend BuddyPress group it will be hidden in BBPress too?.

    @sacom, not necessarily.

    Look into Burt Adsit’s bp Groups plugin:

    This is what I’m using on BP < 1.1 (yeah I know I got to play catch-up!)

    I’m not sure how compatible it is with BP 1.1+…



    Ok… I see, thank you very much to all for the help ;)



    Hi DJPaul

    I am having the same issue: new install, can’t find any menu option to create a Group. Under Site Admin, there’s just a “No Groups Found”

    carinallc, this thread was about how to create a forum (the answer is to create a group, and it comes WITH a forum).

    To create a group, just log in to your site and go to the “Groups” tab on the menu and select “Create a group.” If you have trouble doing this, create a new thread.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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