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Where to find custom code

  • andrewwebber25


    I am so sorry in advance and I really don’t know how I am having such a hard time finding this, but where can I customize my buddypress code. Here is how I installed everything. Got the domain from godaddy and installed wordpress right through them. Then on the wordpress dashboard, went to plugins and downloaded buddypress, bbpress and the theme Customify. Every time I am trying to go through a tutorial that involved customizing, I see things like “edit pb-custom.php” and things like that. Where are these files located, how do I literally access them? People say things like “its in /wp-content/plugins” but I dont know where to find that folder to begin with. Is it through the wordpress dashboard of my site? On godaddy somewhere? I know this is like 101 stuff but Im seriously confused where to find anything relating to code. I can find Customify’s Theme Editor very easily, not anything else though. Please help

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  • shanebp


    Did you read this:


    You’ll need to create the bp-custom.php file and then upload it to your site as explained in the article.

    To upload it, use a FTP tool like Filezilla or if your hosting company provides a File Manager, use that. So ask your hosting provider how to upload files.



    Yup, did later yesterday with GoDaddy support and I think Ill be okay now. Thanks for the help!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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