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Where to install

  • monk3


    When is it better to install buddypress on a subdomain and when on the primary domain?

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  • Henry Wright


    You install BuddyPress as a WordPress plugin so perhaps your question should be where should you install WordPress?



    I’ll stick with my question, you start a thread to ask yours.
    Do you have an answer for my question?



    There is no need for rudeness – even if you didn’t understand a reply.

    >When is it better to install buddypress on a subdomain and when on the primary domain?

    It depends on what you’re trying to do.

    Henry Wright


    The reason I suggested you re-word your question is because the debate surrounding WordPress as a subdomain VS WordPress as a primary domain is a popular one which has been addressed lots of times already.

    The answer really does depend on what you’re trying to do, as @shanebp already pointed out.

    Hopefully this helps.



    @shanebp: There wasn’t anything rude in my response. If anything, Henry’s didn’t address my question as I stated it,. Instead, he rephrase it, which could be considered inconsiderate.

    Had I wanted to ask the question he moved my question to, I would have asked it. I didn’t. So I moved what I could have considered a rude move on his part, back to my original concern. As for your response, … “It depends”; it is not an answer. Consider the context here: We are in a BuddyPress forum que. If you haven’t figure it out yet, I am querying to how better install BuddyPress, on a domain or a subdomain. It is obvious that it has to be on a WordPress installation. (Everyone who doesn’t know that, hold up your hand….. Just as a thought, no one. Oh, there is one.)

    Now, I could have interjected my own thoughts into the original question, but by not doing so I was hoping to illicit candid input, as compared to a general and useless response such as, “It depends”. So. Since you seem to have more to add, depending on something…, let me clarify for you:

    One of the sites we created and run for a client has WordPress as the platform. We are considering adding BuddyPress to it to extend the accumulated audience. We have concerns regarding security, cpu and memory load, plugin conflicts,possibly running a separate user registration and permission scheme (possibly) and all the other common issues inherent with WP; as well as the size of the site already, which is a bit over 3Gb in size. It runs an events system, with about 400 locations and in excess of 23,000 daily events. It is on a VPS with 2 cores, 32Gb RAM, using multiple dedicated IPs, much of what is in WHM, and numerous firewalls and other security systems.

    As you maybe are able to see, how BuddyPress is installed would make a difference. But now that I have clouded your considerations with information I would have preferred to reserve until later in any possible conversation, we’ll see what bias is in any response you may have, hopefully beyond a mind-dulling, “It depends”.

    Now, on to Henry’s response:
    You left out the option of WP on both the primary and the sub-domains; which is the case. Again, if my primary question had to do with BUDDY PRESS, not to gain opinions about WP on a subdomain vs on a primary domain, which is the case; I would expect responses regarding that. Had your topic been my topic, I wouldn’t have posted my question in a BuddyPress que, simply becuase your question says nothing about BP.

    And I’m sure that question has been addressed many times already. Who cares??? IT WASN’T, AND ISN’T MY QUESTION! Why do you have this habit of trying to rephrase or move another’s original question? Must be a power struggle issue.

    Never mind. I’ll seek the opinions elsewhere, from other forums that actually want to address questions as stated, and don’t act like gatekeepers.

    Good grief!

    @monk3 you seem to want to persist in what can only be described as an abrasive, mildly antagonistic manner in the response above. I suggest that you probably have lost the interest of the two members who did respond and might have continued to had you not closed them down with remarks like useless response such as, “It depends”.

    Good luck finding those answers elsewhere, a less confrontational attitude might get you better results though regardless of the initial responses you may get, remember on most forums such as this people with the knowledge that you seek are volunteers, not paid and not obliged in any way to help, common courtesy thus is generally expected.

    Closing this thread.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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