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Which Multisite option should I pick?

  • chrisducks


    I am looking for a little bit of advice on which setup to install for a multisite network.

    I wish to create a community that users have access to the main website/wordpress to view blogs, posts, information, a forum, and contribute/comment on there but then each user thats signed up also has their own wordpress site on the network which acts as their ‘profile’ but also has some sort of booking / payment system for their own offered services aswell as displaying their own blog and content.

    I see three levels of users

    1 – User / Client – can login to the site have access to the main website and contribute there and book services and engage with staff through ‘Staff’ profile wordpress sites.

    2- Staff – can login to the site and have access to the main website, contribute there and maintain their own wordpress site and accept bookings for their services.

    3 – Admin – Control the main website and support staff and clients.

    Which of the following should I use?

    A. BuddyPress root blog in Main Site
    B. BuddyPress root blog in Secondary Site

    One site of the Network
    C. BuddyPress Activated in Main Site only
    D. BuddyPress Activated in Secondary Site only
    Posts, comments, or activities of the users in sites other than where you activated BuddyPress won’t be recorded in the Activity Streams when you install BuddyPress in only one site of the network.

    Special Setups
    E. BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG – network activated
    F. BuddyPress Multisite – network activated

    Any advice would be great.


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